A. Status

1. State marital status?
2. Are you an employee?
  a. Are you a proprietary director?
  b. Are you a controlling shareholder?
3. If married, do both spouses have income?
  a. If married, is your spouse employed?
4. Do you have a child in respect of whom you are in receipt of child benefit?
  a. Are you the principal carer for the child(ren)?
5. What is your age range?
  a. If married, what is your spouse's age range?

B. Income and Allowances

6. Your Income Employment or self-employment income.
7. Have you made a qualifying pension contribution?
  a. Age attained during 2023?
  b. How much did you pay?
8. If married, your spouse's income
9. Do you employ a carer for an incapacitated person?
10. If Yes - how much do you pay?
11. Does your employer pay your health insurance subscriptions?
  a. If yes - enter amount paid by your employer.

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This is an estimate of the position based on the information inputted. All figures rounded to the nearest Euro. Other factors can also influence an individual’s tax position, for example if an individual is renting accommodation. It is recommended that personal tax advice be sought. The impact of some budget changes, such as the €600 contribution towards household energy bills, are not relevant to the tax position. Any pension contribution is assumed to be for the tax year. The calculator does not take account of PRSI subclasses that can apply in some situations. No responsibility is taken by Deloitte for any loss, however occasioned, to any person by reliance on this calculator .